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[IGEE] Recruitment for 2019 Social Engagement Fund Research Teams
글로벌사회공헌원 관리자
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Institute of Global Engagement & Empowerment (IGEE) at Yonsei University is recruiting for research teams for 2019 Social Engagement Fund (SEF).

  1. Qualifications

  •   - Postdoc team: faculty members or postdoctoral researchers working at Yonsei University

  •   - Student team: (under)graduate students attending Yonsei University

(Please be notedthat this project is only for the members of Yonsei University, since theresearch grants are funded as a part of the University Innovation Program.)

  2. Research Period

  : 1st July, 2019 – 30th June, 2020 (1 year)

  3. Recruitment Schedule

  - Submission of Applications & Documents: 31st May, 2019 (by 18:00 KST)


  - Final Announcement: 21st June, 2019

  4. Details

Post-doc team

Student team

Number of teams

3 teams

3 teams

Funds (per team)

KRW 10,000,000

KRW 5,000,000

  - Since 2019 SEF is funded by the Ministryof Education’s University Innovation Program, it is not possible to pay laborcosts and research overheads.

    (Labor Costs: including labor costs and researchallowances)

  5. Application

  : Submit your applications to

  Results will be posted on the IGEE website and selected applicants will be notified per e-mail. Please check the attachment for more detailed information.

2019년 SEF 지원공고.hwp 2019 SEF 안내 포스터.jpg 2019 SEF 안내 포스터.jpg 첨부 1. 연구(활동) 요약.hwp 첨부 2. 연구(활동) 계획서.hwp 첨부 3. 연구진 구성 및 기관 역량.hwp 첨부 4. 교내연구비 산정 집행기준표.hwp 첨부 5. 개인정보 수집 및 이용 동의서.hwp 첨부 8. 지도교수 추천서(학생팀용).hwp 글로벌사회공헌원_Social_Engagement_Fund_시행세칙(개정)-2019.04.01.hwp