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The Center for Social Engagement supports every member of Yonsei University to apply their knowledge and expertise in the field of social contribution, and provides education and training for students to thrive as servant leaders and global citizens.
The Center for Social Engagement also maintains a wide range of domestic and international network related to social contribution.

Social Influence and Social Services

“Yonsei Hope Expedition” focuses on increasing access to education for students in marginalized areas in Korea. Volunteer students from Yonsei participate in a summer camp during vacation to provide middle- and high-schoolers with various programs including learning support, mentoring and career exploration. All programs are designed by volunteer students themselves. “Dream Start Mentoring for Teenagers” provides learning opportunities to youth from low-income households in Seodaemun-gu area in Seoul. Over the course of its ten-year history, the program has provided education to youth and contributed to social development by spreading a message of resilience and tenacity. Over 800 mentor-mentee teams have completed the program since 2009, bringing benefits to both sides. While mentees have shown improvements in academic performance and emotional stability, mentors also gained valuable experience in service and leadership.

Collaboration for Capacity Building

As part of the University Social Responsibility Network (USRN)*, the Center for Social Engagement participates in various outreach programs overseas. Volunteer students are encouraged to design their own workshops and volunteer programs. Through collaboration with other USRN member universities, the Center for Social Engagement continues to develop social contribution and joint research programs, as well as carry out various activities to expand its international network.

*USRN: Established to encourage universities to serve societies and get engaged in global issues, the University Social Responsibility Network currently has 26 member universities worldwide.

Incubator for Future Sustainable Development Leaders

“One Team, One Task (OT²)” allows students from different majors to form teams to actively engage in sustainable development issues, tackle social problems and come up with their solutions. The program focuses on the SDGs and encourages students to approach the world’s challenges from an interdisciplinary and collaborative perspectives. The center also supports various social engagement activities of the Yonsei University Association of Volunteer Clubs (YVCA) which consists of 14 clubs within Yonsei University. In 2018, the YVCA and the Center for Social Engagement co-hosted the Volunteer Forum to create a platform to share experience and knowledge of professional volunteer service, and explore solutions to technical and legal issues related to volunteerism.