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Greetings from the Office of Academic Affairs, Yonsei Graduate School.

This message is to inform you about Korean Language Education Support Application for international students who are grantees of Outstanding International Student ScholarshipⅠ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ. For those of students whose TOPIK level is below level 6, our office provide tuition fee support for evening program in Korean Language Institute.

1. Application Period: 2018. 4. 23(Mon) ~ 2018. 5. 4(Fri)

2. Online Application:

3. Announcement of successful candidates: 2018.5.11.(Fri) individually notified by e-mail

4. Program Period: 2018. 6. 21(Thu) ~ 8. 28(Tue) ➩ 10 weeks(90 hours)


For more information, please refer to the e-mail that we sent to your address on the portal.

□ Qualifications
  - 2018 Spring semester Outstanding International Student ScholarshipⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ grantees from Yonsei  
        Graduate School
  - Below TOPIK Level 6 (Level 6 or above level 6 are not included)

□ Korean Language Education Support
  - Full or partial amount of tuition fee. The amount of tuition fee support will be determined on the basis of the final number of qualified students.
  - Education support fees may be discontinued or subject to change depending on the budget size  
   of the corresponding year
  - Application fee (80,000 KRW) and textbook fee are not included.
  - If granting of Outstanding International Student Scholarship is cancelled due to certain reasons such as
    taking leave of absence or getting expelled from school, students will have to return Korean language
    education support fee.(In this case, students will have to pay all the tuition fee)
□ KLI(Korean Language Institute) in Sinchon Campus EVENING Program (Korean) (English)
  - Level Test: 2018. 6. 19(Tue) 6:30 PM (KLI MEDIUM AUDITORIUM Room#105)
  - Program Period: 2018. 6. 21(Thu) ~ 8. 28(Tue) ➩ 10 weeks(90 hours)
  - Class Schedule: Three days a week(Mon, Tue, Thu) 6:30 PM ~ 9:05 PM
  - CONTACT : KLI Evening Class Manager(2123-3464,
□ Application Guidance and Procedures
  - Application Period: 2018. 4. 23(Mon) ~ 2018. 5. 4(Fri)
  - Online application through the website below
   ② Fill in Student ID Number and Date of Birth.
   ③ Select level of TOPIK(your korean level) and write reason for application and study plan.
□ Announcement of Successful Candidates
  - 2018.5.11.(Fri) Successful candidates will be notified individually by e-mail
   (e-mail address that is on the Yonsei Portal) 

□ Contact
  Office of Academic Affairs
  Yonsei Graduate School
  Stimson Hall #201

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